The Achievements of Internet of MedicaI Things (IoMT) 🩺” – Part II

You can find the “The Achievements of Internet of MedicaI Things (IoMT) 🩺” Part I blog post here or here.

In the light of what we have learned from the previous part, we can connect both sides to each other. It is demonstrated in the visual that the Internet of Things is used in so many areas that we can’t see every one of them. We as “ordinary people” might not see it all, but smart technologies are used in various kinds of companies throughout the world. Although IoT is widely used in the world’s systems and stays in the backyard, IoMT stands in the front. For health reasons, IoMT has got a bigger part of our lives.

What can be said for today’s world? For today, the possibilities of the Internet of Medical Things are so astonishing. First and foremost, IoMT is used for chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma. The system has got a connection between patient and doctor. This type of IoT maintains doctors to diagnose faster and then apply the treatment and watch the state of affairs. Furthermore, even elder people are able to use IoMT technology. For example, they can wear a smartwatch that measures heart rate, blood pressure, daily medical intake, etc. Also, it sends information to close people when an emergency like a fall occurs.

In these years the Internet of Medical Things technology has achieved great success. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been used in smart thermometers. Smart thermometers are devices that can send information through the internet and computer analyzes the information. With the help of smart thermometers, we can detect infected people and protect them.

In general, IoMT helps us to watch and control processes like diseases. It does it with the help of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Due to its technological feature, the function can work with its special devices like smart devices.

We as Oruba Technology & Innovation, equipped our smart-uroflowmeter, Oruflow, with the latest technology of the Internet of Medical Things. We use that technology for remote installation, adjustments, maintenance, calibration, technical service and we automatically check the stability of our device all around the world from our office. We are developing the future of medical devices, digital transformation of the clinics, and efficiency of humans.

If you are also excited to shape the future of clinics with smart technologies, we are always open to new collaboration opportunities. If you have any projects for a healthier world, feel free to contact us, and let’s create the new technologies together for humanity.

Eylül Özsoy

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