About Oruba Technology

Oruba Technology is a medical device manufacturer that specializes in the development and production of the world’s first self-operating uroflowmeter, known as Oruflow.

This innovative device is designed to measure urine flow rate over time and assess the status of the bladder outlet, providing important indicators for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)

Our Mission in Action

As a pioneering company, we manufacture point-of-care medical devices that incorporate IoT technologies. This allows users to conduct urine diagnosis tests in clean and comfortable environments rather than traditional clinical settings.

Our Vision in Motion

We are trying to accelerate the merger of health and technology. We are trying to close the gap between them. Accessibility of digital transformation in health technologies, humanity will be able to achieve healthier, longer, and higher-quality lives.

Journey of Growth

The development of Oruflow was the result of extensive research and development studies, which have been undertaken in aligment with the worldwide trend of pre-screening health tests outside of traditional clinical settings. Oruba Technology is continually advancing its research and development efforts to develop new and innovative products.

Oruba Across the World

Our innovative solutions transcend borders, ensuring patients across the globe benefit from cutting-edge technology and improved medical practices

25+ Countries

US FDA Approved

350+ Devices

 EC Certificate

Articles and Reports

Application of blockchain technology and internet of things in uroflowmetry

Comparison of Self-Conducted and Assistant-Supervised Uroflowmetry Methods

Oruba Inalys – Uroflowmetry Urinalysis combined device


Seal Of Excellence

Certificate delivered by the European Commission

Endeavor Pharmup

Recipient of the Endeavor Türkiye Pharmup 2021 First Prize

R&D Granted Projects

7 National R&D Granted Projects from TÜBİTAK

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