Frequently Asked Questions

Oruflow Operations
How is the test performed in clinics that do not have a barcode system ?
    It’s possible to start examination and do the patient registration through Oruflow software. The software can be used on any     computer/phone/tablet that has internet connection and test results can be examined also on those devices.
How does Oruflow perform an automatic cleaning process ?
    Before the device installation, dirty water drain, and clean water installation connection are prepared on the device wall. While urine is     discharged     through the dirty water connection, the surface of the device is cleaned twice with clean water. While it keeps the environment     hygienic, it prevents the     smell. Oruflow software also lets the device automatically clean itself when it detects any liquid other than the     Uroflowmetry test.
Should Oruflow remain open all the time?
    There is an on/off button on the left side of the device. The device can be turned off at the end of the day or when not in use.
Is it possible for the patient or hospital staff to flush the Oruflow manually with a toilet flush button besides automatic flushing?
    Yes, this configuration can be set-up for the Oruflow by Oruba IT after the installation is done. The power button would be repurposed as a     manual flushing button.
Can the doctors track the uroflowmetry test in real-time from their computer?
    By visiting the designated URL of the Oruflow Software from any computer/phone/tablet that has internet connection and test results can be          examined also on those devices
How is Oruflow installed and how long does the installation take?
    Firstly the “Pre-Installation Guide” is sent to the customer after the order approval. After the uroflowmetry room wall is prepared based on the     manual (clean water, wastewater, electricity, ethernet, etc.), Oruba Technology Authorized Technician visits the hospital/clinic and performs the     installation. Installation and user training are completed within a few hours.
Is any software needed to be installed on the computer to use Oruflow?
 No software needs to be installed. Oruflow provides easy and user-friendly software on any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge,     etc.), thanks to the well-developed web-based technology of Oruba Oruflow.
Is Oruflow connected to the computer via Wifi or Bluetooth connection?
    Oruflow connects to the network through Ethernet, so that Oruflow can be accessed from any computer in the hospital on the hospital network.     Oruflow also has Wifi, so it can also be reached via smartphone/tablet. The disconnection problem of the manual uroflowmeters is completely     eliminated thanks to the new web-based technology of the Ourba Oruflow.
Can I print the test result out on the normal printer?
    In Oruflow software, test results are saved in PDF format. With the “Print” option on the result screen, A4 size printout can be obtained from the     printer to which the computer is connected.
How long does the test, cleaning, and reporting process take?
    After the urination is completed, Oruflow can clean itself, prepare the test report, and transfer the test result to the software and Hospital     Information System and print the result out for the patient in 1 minute.
Does the internet connected Oruflow transfer any user data?
 All data that is processed during a uroflowmetry test is kept locally in the hospital information system for Oruflow devices that are integrated    with the HIS. For stand-alone devices, the user data is stored on the physical memory of the Oruflow only. Oruba Technology does not process    any user data and is strictly in line with GDPR compliance.
Can the Oruflow reports be customizable?
   While the generated reports are standardized, Oruba Technology does offer some customization to the end-user for the uroflowmetry report,    such as adding the hospital logo to the report and adding or removing relevant fields of patient information based on hospital preferences.
Can patient information be manually input or updated into the Oruflow without needing a barcode scan?
   Yes, the doctor can use any computer/phone/tablet that has internet connection and is on the same network as the Oruflow to access the    Oruflow software from the designated IP address. The software would allow doctors to view patient results and even add new patients for testing    manually. This methods is majorly used by smaller clinics using the Oruflow as a stand-alone device.
Are there any security measures to prevent unauthorized access to Oruflow software?
   The Oruflow software can only be accessed by devices that are on the same network and only through its designated static IP address. However,    for additional security measures, Oruba IT can employ a login system on the Oruflow software to prevent unwanted access.
Is there a voice guidance feature on the Oruflow device?
 Yes, the voice guidance module is available as an option.
Does the Oruflow h (Toilet-Type) function like a standard toilet, with a dedicated flushing mechanism?
 Yes, the Oruflow h (Toilet-Type) is a functioning toilet on top of a uroflowmeter.
Can the Oruflow h (Toilet-Type) withstand feces and toilet paper flushing?
 Yes, there is a separator in the middle of the toilet that separates uroflowmetry and toilet. The toilet part of the Oruflow h (Toilet-Type) is directly  connected to the drainage.
Can the Oruflow be cleaned like a normal Toilet/Urinal?
 The Oruflow automatically cleans itself after every test, however, it can also be routinely cleaned manually. When the Oruflow is ready for testing,  add only a single drop of liquid soap to the strainer (adding more than one drop may lead to intense foaming). Pour a glass of water into the     strainer, which would cause the device to go into emergency mode and perform a self-cleaning. After this the Oruflow would be ready to use     again. For external cleaning, a damp cloth may be used for cleaning. Note: For cleaning the device, no more than 1 liter of water should be     poured inside.
HIS Integration
Can Oruflow be integrated to the Hospital Information System (HIS)?
 Yes, Oruflow has been integrated to 24 different HIS types and all of the HIS types in Turkey. Since Oruba has completed the integration process  with all common HIS companies at least once, Oruflow can be ready for integration in a few hours. You can reach us for the technical support     whether we previously integrated with the HIS used by your hospital/clinic.
How is the Hospital Information System (HIS) integration performed and how long does it take?
 Although Oruba has completed the HIS integration within 2 hours, this period is extended regarding getting the response from the IT     department of the hospital/clinic. Thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things) technology of Oruflow, developed in METU Technopolis, Oruba can     make the necessary software settings from Oruba HQ (without having to go to the hospital/clinic) and complete the integration by performing     the tests related to the hospital/clinic’s IT department.
Can the Oruflow be used as a stand-alone device without hospital integration?
    It’s possible to start the examination and do the patient registration through Oruflow software. The software can be used on any     computer/phone/tablet that has internet connection and test results can be examined also on those devices.
What is the ‘Automatic Patient Registration’ feature of the Oruflow?
    When the patient scans the barcode, the device brings the patient information from the Hospital Information System. So there is no need an     extra patient registration for the device.
Is it possible to use the Oruflow via the worklist of patients from the hospital information system to start measurements?
    Once the Oruflow is integrated with the Hospital Information System, the uroflowmetry tests with the patient information can be performed     using the hospital worklist.
After-Sales Services
How do you provide technical service abroad?
 Oruflow is supported by the IoT and all of the functions can be controlled online. It has a real-time notification system which reports all the    technical problems to Oruba HQ and most of the problems are solved even before the hospital staff realize them. Even the yearly maintenance is    done online. If the device needs physical technical service because of the misuse of the device, Oruba’s authorized local distributors visit the    hospital/clinic.
Is there any required maintenance that is necessary to operate the Oruflow smoothly?
 If the Oruflow is not physically damaged or subject to electrical fluctuations due to the lack of a Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), it is expected    to last up to 10 years without any issues. However, Oruba Technology still recommends that at least once a year the Oruba Oruflow go through    routine checking with remote support from Oruba IT and have its weight sensor recalibrated.
Does Oruflow have a subscription-based service?
 The Oruflow is a one-time purchase, which the hospital may continue using after the installation indefinitely as long as it is used as intended.    Oruba Technology does offer warranty extension for its Oruflow to cover any remote support session and spare parts for the Oruflow should    there be any fault in the operations.
How long is the standard warranty on the Oruba Oruflow?
 The Oruba Oruflow is shipped with a standard 1-year warranty. Clients may purchase extended warranty from Oruba Technology based on their    needs.

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