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Our R&D department had TRIZ training to have a different perspective while solving the problems for our new and future technologies. The training was held by K. Taylan Zeyrek, General Manager of Mezon Patent Danismanlik and it was outstanding to learn new methodologies for thinking differently and out of the box.

Here is the general information about TRIZ:

Competitiveness is increasing in the world regarding developing technologies and companies are forced to produce new and creative ideas in the sectors. Firms use various methods to increase their creativity and try to maintain their continuity by trying the methods that are different from their competitors and that will be preferred by customers. One of these methods is the TRIZ method. The importance that distinguishes the TRIZ method from other methods is that it can be easily taught and repeated.

TRIZ is the shortened form of “Theoria Resheneyva Isobretatelskehuh Zadach” in Russian and it is translated as “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” in English. TRIZ was created in 1946, by a Soviet engineer, Genrich Altshuller by examining and analyzing thousands of patents and how their inventors solve the problems.

The three principles on which the theory is based are:

The biggest flaw of traditional processes used to increase creativity is that as the complexity of the problem increases, its usefulness decreases. In the trial and error method used in every process, as the complexity of the problem increases, the number of necessary trials increases. Problems and objects are perceived as a system in TRIZ so that problems form a hierarchical system, and many evolutionary perspectives on the problem and solution are obtained. Then, based on the knowledge that technical systems evolve towards increasing ideality, the ideal solution is considered through a thinking process opposite to the method of trial and error, and ways to achieve this are sought. The next step is to resolve the physical contradiction uncovered by concrete tools such as the separation principles of TRIZ.

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