Frequently Asked Questions

After the urination is completed, Oruflow can clean itself, prepare the test report, and transfer the test result to the software and Hospital Information System and print the result out for the patient in 1 minute.

Yes, the voice guidance module is available as an option.

It’s possible to start the examination and do the patient registration through Oruflow software. Software can be used on any computer/phone/tablet that have internet connection and test results can be examined also on those devices.

Firstly the “Infrastructure Manual” is sent to the customer after the order approval. After the uroflowmetry room wall is prepared regarding the manual (clean water, wastewater, electricity, ethernet, etc.), Oruba Technology Authorized Technical Service visits the hospital/clinic and performs the installation. Installation and user training are completed in few hours.

Before the device installation, dirty water drain and clean water installation connection are prepared on the device wall. While urine is discharged through the dirty water connection, the surface of the device is cleaned twice with clean water . While it keeps the environment hygienic, it prevents the smell. Oruflow software also let the device automatically clean itself when it detects any liquid other than the Uroflowmetry test.

No software needs to be installed. Oruflow provides an easy and user friendly software on any internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), thanks to Oruflow’s well developed web-based technology.

Oruflow connects to the network through Ethernet, so that Oruflow can be accessed from any computer in the hospital on the hospital network. Oruflow also has Wifi, so it can also be reached via smartphone/tablet. The disconnection problem of the manual uroflowmeters is completely eliminated thanks to Oruflow’s new web-based technology.

There is an on/off button on the left side of the device. The device can be turned off at the end of the day or when not in use.

In Oruflow software, test results are saved in PDF format. With the “Print” option on the result screen, A4 size printout can be obtained from the printer to which the computer is connected.

Yes, Oruflow has been integrated to 24 different HIS types and all of the HIS types in Turkey. Since Oruba has completed the integration process with all common HIS companies at least once, Oruflow can be ready for integration in a few hours. You can reach us for the technical support whether we previously integrated with the HIS used by your hospital/clinic.

Although Oruba has completed the HIS integration within 2 hours, this period is extended regarding getting the response from the IT department of the hospital/clinic. Thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things) technology of Oruflow, developed in METU Technopolis, Oruba can make the necessary software settings from Oruba HQ (without having to go to the hospital/clinic) and complete the integration by performing the tests related to the hospital/clinic’s IT department.

Oruflow is supported by the IoT and all of the functions can be controlled online. It has a real-time notification system which reports all the technical problems to Oruba HQ and most of the problems are solved even before the hospital staff realize them. Even the yearly maintenance is done online. If the device needs the physical technical service because of the misusing of the device, Oruba’s authorized local distributors visit the hospital/clinic.

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